2016. Collaboratively Designed the BRANDING + VIDEO + MERCHANDISE for don't trip and dip, a campaign TO PREVENT DROWNING AND OTHER WATER RELATED FATALITIES IN NEW ZEALAND.

2017. Don't Trip and Dip is our campaign, which targets young kiwi males aged 15-25, who make up the largest demographic of the fatalities[1], of which 1 in 5 involve alcohol or drugs[2].


In a team of 4 (Mia Evans, Nick Silkstone, Stephanie Yang, and myself), we aimed the campaign to be relatable (kiwi) and memorable (tongue-in-cheek funny) and potentially span across beaches nationwide. The campaign would also have a TV broadcasted advertisement and a social media presence (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram). Physical products, or merchandise we made to support this campaign included signs, stamps, posters, billboards, stickers, and laser cut jandals that left a mark with our slogan in the sand when used. Sponsored student project in collaboration with AUT.

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