2017. Collaboratively Designed the inner and outer packaging for OCEANMAX'S PRODUCT purespeed, an above the waterline nanocoat for marine vehicles. 


The design aimed to be sustainable whilst still functional (waterproof, durable, single hand usage friendly), so my colleague Hugh and I designed the bottles with the following properties:

  • Easy to mass produce via injection moulding 
  • Recycled: made of a separable materials, outer packaging - adhesive free paper sleeve, inner packaging - recycled plastic
  • Reusable: made with a detachable inner lid to expose the whole cavity of the bottle, enabling the used bottle to become a mini wallet for keys and cards
  • Secured with a dual-functioning elastic and velcro armband, which deters shoplifters and enables the bottles to be strapped to the user's arm while active on the water

The design was awarded 'Most Creative/Innovative' by the Oceanmax HQ team. Sponsored student project in collaboration with AUT.